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State of cyber resilience in Australia

It is a beautiful Autumn day outside as I look out the window and sip my coffee. I look back at my screen and scroll through the news headlines to find an article that catches my attention. Data breach class action launched against one of Australia's major Telcos, with up to ten million Australians impacted somehow. Considering the magnitude of the breach six months earlier, it is incredible that 38.92% of the Australian population had personal information leaked in this single cyber event. Thinking about the cyber breach further, I asked myself, "How can we protect ourselves better?"

Of course, it is impossible to make yourself, your family, or your organisation 100% protected against a cyber-attack, breach, or compromise. No one is "hacker-proof". Even the most secure people can fall victim to cybercrime. For example, when a trusted third party, like a Telco, gets hacked and leaks personal information, the victim has no control and entirely depends on the third party's ability to secure their data. Living under a rock with no internet will not help either, with a lack of online presence allowing someone else to assume your identity and commit fraud. The latest Annual Cyber Threat Report from the Australian Cyber Security Centre paints a bleak picture, with a cybercrime reported every 7 minutes.

So, what is the answer to this complex problem, and how can we protect ourselves better? Cyber resilience is the key and measures our ability to anticipate, withstand and recover quickly from an adverse cyber event. Making simple changes to how we do things online can significantly increase our cyber resilience while reducing our exposure to cyber threats as we become harder targets for cybercrime. At Greenroom Strategic, we encourage everyone to work towards a mature level of cyber resilience, helping to protect ourselves, our families, and our organisations. The Australian Cyber Security Centre has excellent resources for increasing cyber resilience, and we encourage you to check them out.

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