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A Man and a Woman working together

Purpose tomorrow
starts today


Lend yourself to the possibility of change. Employing people across a variety of skill sets, experiences, and qualifications, GREENROOM STRATEGIC offers a graduate program producing quality entry-level candidates along with a workforce of high-level professionals. 


Imagine a future with a
problem solving people 


At GRS, we strive to make our values not just our values, our mission not just our mission. Integrity, Courage, Excellence, Tenacity, Respect, Authenticity, Candour, Contentment. These are the things we want to see in every workplace. When we discuss contagious counterculture, we aim to influence the organisations and settings we are sent to, collaborate with and can make our daily 9 to 5 home in.   


Experienced Professional

The pathway of the experienced professional,
looking to take an established career to the next level. 

Graduate Program 

The pathway of the young graduate, starting a career with a full time employment opportunity.

Leading Change 

The pathway of the accomplished leader positioned to bring strategy, influence, and momentum. 

Career Evolution 

The pathway of the skilled practitioner, reshaping a career as a veteran, military spouse, or specialist.   



Working at Greenroom Strategic has given me purpose, I love that my work contributes to something bigger than myself and helps others, it’s rare to find that these days.  

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