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Elegant Abstract Background

Complex problems are constant, but no match for insight innovation and leadership 


We adopt a client-centred methodology and seek to apply tailored best practice for realistic and achievable change outcomes.


Our clients include the Australian Defence Force, other government agencies, industry, small-medium business, not-for-profits and the individual.

With a focus on strategy and architecture, change and transformation, development and implementation, delivery and operation, relationships and engagement. Our specialist teams and individuals bring expertise for 

  • Strategy and planning

  • Security and privacy 

  • Governance risk and compliance 

  • Advice and guidance 

  • Change implementation, analysis and planning 

  • Systems development 

  • Data and analytics 

  • Content management and user experience 

  • Stakeholder management 

  • Technology management  

  • Service management 

  • Strategic messaging and communications

GREENROOM STRATEGIC has established itself as a trusted provider of advisory, consultancy, professional and technical support services to its clients. Our services are currently available through the following:

Panels and memberships

  • Information and Communications Technology Provider Arrangement (ICTPA)

  • Digital Marketplace - Buy ICT

GREENROOM STRATEGIC has partnered with Industry experts to ensure compliance, relevance, continuity and information currency.


GREENROOM STRATEGIC adopts the global skills and competency framework for the digital world - Skills for the Information Age (SFIA).

DISP colour.png


Greenroom Strategic has delivered assured and trusted advice as part of a development process within Australian Defence Force's Capability Integration Test and Evaluation branch. The products have been well scoped and been considerate of wide stakeholder engagement, delivering quality outcomes.   


Career actualized:
contributing to something bigger 

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