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Elegant Abstract Background

Complex problems are constant, but no match for insight innovation and leadership 


As a trusted Australian and veteran-owned enterprise, GREENROOM STRATEGIC adopts a client-centered methodology and seeks to apply tailored best practices for realistic and achievable change outcomes for the digital age.


Our size and cross-section of expertise within strategy and architecture, change and transformation, development and implementation, delivery and operation, and relationships and engagement foster cross-industry, valuable services lead to client advantage. 


GREENROOM STRATEGIC adopts the Skills for the Information Age (SFIA) competency framework and is passionate about the excellence of personnel who are part of the GRS Team.

Our people are our capability. Multi-disciplinary by design, we engage the right people for the right roles as:

  • Strategic Solutions Consultants

  • Lead Solutions Consultants

  • Solutions Consultants

  • Technologists

  • Data Analysts

  • Team Support

We purposefully look to match only highly qualified candidates who will bring value for money outcomes. 

The staff we commit to programmes are intended to remain for the full-term in support of the customer to see the tendered work through to completion. GRS does not engage in personnel substitution or other deceptive marketing tactics.


GREENROOM STRATEGIC has established itself as a trusted provider of advisory, consultancy, professional and technical support services to its clients.

In our 5 year history, 
GREENROOM STRATEGIC has demonstrated our ability to undertake poignant engagements for clients within the Australian Defence Force, other government agencies, industry, small-medium business, not-for-profits and the individuals bringing solutions within: 

  • Strategy and planning

  • Security and privacy 

  • Governance risk and compliance 

  • Advice and guidance 

  • Change implementation, analysis and planning 

  • Systems development 

  • Data and analytics 

  • Content management and user experience 

  • Stakeholder management 

  • Technology management  

  • Service management 

  • Strategic messaging and communications


GREENROOM STRATEGIC has partnered with Industry experts to ensure compliance, relevance, continuity and information currency.  Our services for Government clients are currently available through Panels and memberships:

  • Information and Communications Technology Provider Arrangement (ICTPA)

  •  Digital Marketplace - Buy ICT

To discuss other avenues to engage GREENROOM STRATEGIC please reach out. 

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Greenroom Strategic has delivered assured and trusted advice as part of a development process within Australian Defence Force's Capability Integration Test and Evaluation branch. The products have been well scoped and been considerate of wide stakeholder engagement, delivering quality outcomes.   


Independent specialist consultancy with deep subject matter expertise

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