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What's in a name?

Names are important, they set us apart. Names are given, names are received, some are welcome, and others are not. Some names are unique, often they are shared, some carry direction, and others conjure hope.

This is true of a name that we have recently learned to call our friends, Harvest Hope Africa. This name is carried by a grassroots, not-for-profit, charitable organization based in Australia. Upon introduction to Harvest Hope Africa, we were instantly impressed by how their name aligned with the founders' hearts, imbued their raison d’etre, and honestly represents their action to date.

For us, we decided upon a name that also allows head to align with heart: GREENROOM STRATEGIC. We hope this name will one day be synonymous with a great Profit-for-Purpose, People-for-People, People-for-Planet, problem-solving company.

Our name’s construct is both simple and cryptic, necessary we believe, to represent our band of unorthodox problem solvers assembled for an ever-changing world filled with complexity. Equally important is to convey our commitment to the long game and our desire to work collaboratively with others on problems that require both skill and a unique perspective.

At GREENROOM STRATEGIC we say Hope is to Chaos as Perspective is to Complexity. Just like the inside of a barrelling wave, where a skilled individual is gifted with a rare view of the world, our name compels us to focus not on the danger, or impossibility of the task at hand - but rather on a solution, beautifully framed, with clarity ahead.

To find out more about our name and what we offer, please reach out.


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