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Managing Complexity

Why we need to be different.... and the same.

Greenroom Strategic is faced with the prospect of resolving complex issues both as a part of our philanthropic efforts and in our day-to-day work. The Merriam-Webster definition of "complex" shares that "a group of obviously related units of which the degree and nature of the relationship is imperfectly


What makes something complex is that a small tweak in one area can have disproportionate and unexpected outcomes in another area. How do we deal with these issues and why is Greenroom Strategic well-suited to do so?

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If you take a problem like modern-slavery, you find that it has social, religious, economic, military, physical and legal dimensions. You can't treat the problem by targeting a single dimension; indeed tweaking one of them can give you a disproportionate and unexpected result in another. This means that the problem must be dealt with via a variety of people with different areas of expertise. In this way, we harness the range of skills, areas of knowledge and perspectives needed to fully understand the issue and its constituent parts. This is how we need to be different.

However, that team can't collaborate on the problem if there's no cohesion. Greenroom Strategic is attracting people of a certain character via its commitment to profit for purpose, people for people and people for planet. Despite our differences, we share the same values and that is proving critical to our cohesion. In this way, we need to be the same.

The character of the Greenroom Strategic team members unifies our desire to solve issues whilst promoting collaboration across our different areas of expertise. It's a pretty good way to be!


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