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May the Mo be with you.

So... it's that time of year again. Halloween is a wrap and Christmas decorations adorn the malls.

And there, squished in between the end-of-year deadlines, the barrage of Chrissie party invites and holiday planning, is Movember. The titillating sight of your generally average-looking male colleagues madly cultivating facial hairs.

Somehow, despite the seasonal madness, this entertaining assertion of maleness registers.

Ah yes… that's right. Men matter too.

Last year when I was considering getting involved in Movember, I questioned my motivation. After all, as a woman, I believe women are still battling discrimination and inequality. Why should I do anything to help men?

What I realised is that men do matter to women, so maybe it’s a 'help them to help ourselves' situation.

As a society, don't we need to be inclusive to improve conditions for all of us? Can we expect to be prosperous and content if we can’t value the health and well-being of all members of society? Is the inequality of healthcare received by men compared to women acceptable?

And on a personal level, wouldn’t it break my heart if something happened to my father, husband, son or bro-friend that should have been preventable?

I am not sure of all the answers, but I do know that year-round, Greenroom Strategic vigorously support charities targeted towards helping disadvantaged women and children in impoverished nations. Greenroom Strategic actively support the mental health and well-being of all permanent employees by providing us playtime on top of annual leave.

And it only seems fair that Greenroom Strategic get involved in this flagship event raising money for men’s health and well-being. But does it make a difference?

I have a friend currently going through breast cancer. She remarked to me that she never really paid much attention to all the breast cancer stuff. Raising money for research and awareness and whatnot. But by golly, she is now grateful it exists, because the treatments have improved out of sight and made her journey that much more likely to be successful and less painful. And the motivator for this gratitude? Well, she is keen to stick around for her three sons, because her men matter!!

So, I encourage all to get a little bit or a lot involved in Movember. Donations, no matter how small, have a compounding effect and WILL make a difference to health care options available to men over time. PLUS, the GRS crew would love to welcome you to their playful event at Stromlo in support of Movember. We hope the opportunity to unwind, play and connect will make a personal difference to you.

And in the meantime… may the Mo be with you. Mos, real or fake, follically challenged or blessed, au naturale or man-scaped, is truly a source of endless entertainment.


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